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{July 25, 2007}   Grounding Techniques

Grounding Techniques

What are Grounding Techniques? These are ways to either calm yourself down when you are jumpy and upset (aka having an anxiety attack or “freaking out”) or to bring yourself back into reality when you are zoning out/can’t get out of bed!

For when you’re in a Hyperaroused state (fight, flight, or freeze):

*Place heavy blankets on lap/across body
*Wrap tightly in blanket or try wrapping arm/legs in ace bandages
*Herbal tea/drink of water
*Chewing gum
*Rocking or steadily swinging
*Hot shower/bath
*Focusing on calming scenes
*Soft/low lighting
*Soft/slow music
*Reptitive sounds (white noise or relaxing ocean)
*Soothing scents like vanilla or lavender (candles/lotions)
*Strong Hugs
*Humming or Singing Quietly
*Gentle yoga/stretches
*Head rolls
*Leisure walks/bike riding
*Heavy work/resistance (rowing, weight lifting, jogging)
*Soft materials/textures (flannel, fuzzy, velour)
*Visual labeling (”I see the tv, the sofa”)
*Beanbag tapping
*Any social interaction

For when you’re in Hypoaroused mode (numb, no feeling, zoning out):
*Holding ice
*Cool room
*Air blowing across skin (fan, roll car windows down)
*Spicy food
*Sour or fireball candy
*Standing on your toes/balancing
*Cold water/washcloth to face
*Strong colors/lights flashing
*Quick paced/off beat/loud music
*Dancing to music
*Unpredictable sounds (birds chirping, talk radio, sports broadcast)
*Strong scents like citrus, pine/smelling salts
*Light touch (feather)
*Forceful handclap
*Positive form of pain (rubber band snapped on wrist)
*Aerobic exercise
*Singing loudly
*Power walking/running
*Rough or prickly material (velcro, sandpaper, sticky)

*Document created by Mt Carmel Behavioral Health, Columbus, Ohio


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