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{July 25, 2007}   101 Things To Do in 1001 Days


My 101: (*Monthly Items are listed in Red so I can remember!)
1. Acquire a better-paying job
2. Acquire a creative job that makes me happy
3. Spend a lazy week in Falmouth, MA on the Cape by myself or with a s/o
4. Clean out my car (7/4/07)
5. Find Mr. Right
6. Get engaged ( + or – married) to Mr. Right
7. Get pregnant after married to Mr. Right
8. Save & maintain $1,000 in my savings account
9. Meet 3 online friends in person (0/3)
10. Buy new glasses
11. Buy my own home
12. Get a massage every month (1/30)
13. Have a great 30th birthday (7/4/07)
14. Finish counseling with a clean slate (7/07)
15. Buy Morgan & Chris their much overdue Wedding Gift
16. Visit Uncle Fred, Michelle D, & The Keysors in FL
17. Send out 1 Make a Child Smile gift a month (0/30)
18. Do Blogathon 2007
19. Visit Tiffany in Boston
20. Attend a wedding
21. Do Blogathon 2008
22. Visit Amy S., wherever she happens to be living
23. Teach Lola to shake
24. Get a passport
25. Return to the Caribbean
26. Keep a plant alive for a year (new plant 7/4/07 to ?)
27. Get some old pictures blown up & reprinted for my parents, bro, and Dottie
28. Create 30 pieces of art or poetry (0/30)
29. Speak at one survivor event
30. Send my Parent Pal 1 gift/card a month (0/30)
31. Be a Christmas Elf in Dec. 2007
32. Be a Christmas Elf in Dec. 2008
33. Buy art from Leah at Blue Tree Gallery
34. Commission a watercolor/ink painting of Maisie & Lola from Pugcasso (cost–$85)
35. Buy myself something off my amazon wishlist 5 times (0/5)
36. See the remaining Top 50 Indie Movies from IMDB (13/50)
37. Send 5 meaningful hand-written letters via usps (2/5) (dad, emmi & jon)
38. Learn 29 #’s of Pi (don’t ask)
39. Get my wisdom teeth taken out
40. Learn basic Spanish
41. Read at least 50 books (0/50)
42. Have dinner with my College Friends
43. Have professional headshots taken
44. Write my parents a letter thanking them for everything they’ve done for me
45. Finish 2006 City Taxes that I keep forgetting to do!
46. Finish my Purple Journal so that there are no blank pages left
47. Share purple journal with someone who will understand the importance of what’s inside
48. Compile my journals/notebooks into some kind of a loose-knit memoir
49. Do NanoWriMo in November 2007 & “Win”
50. List my nice, yet unused, clothing on craigslist
51. Get a front-end alignment on my car
52. Get my brakes checked, oil changed, & tires rotated
53. Get a flat screen monitor
54. Finish writing this list (7/5/07)
55. List all read & non-keepable books on Paperback Swap (7/23/07)
56. Recruit more members for TBC
57. Perform in a musical
58. Perform in a play
59. Visit Heather, Chris, Topher, & CLOC friends in NYC
60. Attend a concert
61. Attend a Broadway musical
62. Do something nice for myself on 2/15 (0/2)
63. Go to the zoo so I can see the Manatees
64. Meet at least 1 of my “cancer warriors” (like Eden)
65. Meet the Thomas Team in person
66. Teach a dance class
67. Visit Leffingwell House Museum (my heritage) in Norwich, CT
68. Participate in a Make-A-Wish Foundation event
69. Buy an entire TV series on DVD
70. In the winter, spend a night in a nice hotel with a pool & order room service
71. Spend a weekend in a bed & breakfast with my s/o
72. Attend a dinner theatre performance
73. Research my family history/geneology on both sides
74. Finish whitening my teeth
75. Make a homemade Valentine Card for someone (heart & doily style)
76. Wear my nightguard regularly (pd $750 for the darn thing!)
77. Go to a CAPA Summer Movies showing
78. Get a formal family picture taken of my parents, bro, sis-in-law & me
79. Give my dogs a bath & cut their toenails
80. Buy a cardigan for work (it’s freezing there)
81. Go on a weekend trip with my girlfriends for girly time
82. Visit Walt Disney World & stay in the Pop Century Hotel
83. Go out for the purpose of going dancing.
84. Make a Mix CD for Jen with all our band & show choir songs on it
85. Find & watch my 13th birthday vhs tape (aka, the day She got her period)
86. Show “Awesome Music Video” to someone special (7/21/07)
87. Go to Europe on a home exchange with Natalie
88. Volunteer for an entire year at Children’s Hospital
89. Buy myself some flowers
90. Take an art or writing class
91. Teach a voice lesson
92. Stop drinking pop for 7 days in a row
93. Design a piece of jewelry
94. Keep my car clean of debris & junk for 7 days in a row
95. Buy a microwave
96. Make jello that actually sets & tastes like jello
97. Make a purse (out of anything)
98. Get a facial
99. Write a poem for someone
100. Go karaoking & win money for it
101. Make a new list when this one is completed!


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